I don’t believe in Animal Rights, I believe in something better, Human Responsibility
Animal Rights is a concept with no place in law.  Legal rights are tied hand in hand with legal responsibility.
Can a dog understand a right to vote?
Can a cat understand the requirement of a license?
Can any animal comprehend killing another animal as murder?  Raiding a garbage can as theft or vandalism?
Should an animal be prosecuted for its crimes?  How would it offer a defense?
These are the legal implications of codifying animal rights into law.  Justice is blind but so is law.  When the question is asked, “Should animals have the same rights as people?” the unasked portion of the question is, “Should animals have the same responsibilities as people?”  The answer to one is the answer to the other.
Humans are the only species to have codified law, the only species capable of choosing to follow law and choosing to break it.  This is why I believe in Human Responsibilty, something finer and something attainable. 
A movement for Human Responsibility, now that is something worth fighting for.
Copyright 2009 by Erica Saunders
All rights reserved